Gazmin is a misplaced and hypocritical ‘patriot’

Secretary Gazmin’s call for us Filipinos to rally against the China’s incursion into Philippine territory seems like a true patriot. A call that every Juan and Maria should heed. But the Secretary’s call is of a misplaced and hypocritical ‘patriotism’. He literally calls for the Filipinos to rally against China’s imperial designs while he implores us to embrace the United States ‘de facto occupation’ of our country.

Patriotism is love of country. A patriot will consistently defend his or her country’s interests against those who threaten and undermine their country’s patrimony and sovereignty.

But Secretary Gazmin is a staunch advocate of selling our sovereignty to the United States. So strong that he acts like a collaborator for the United States military. He touts his “sense of being Pilipino” but clearly uses China’s aggressive moves into Philippines territory to gain public support for the increased rotational presence of the US military troops in our country or practically permanent basing of US troops in our territory. This is a blatant violation of our constitution. In what manner can you call that patriotism?

It is obvious that both the China and US governments are using us to push their own vested interests. Both countries flexes it military superiority to expand its political and economic interests in the Asia Pacific region. We are caught right in the middle. Favoring one side, China or the US is not the proper thing to do.

If Secretary Gazmin is truly a patriot, he should take the lead and rally not only the Filipino people but also the Aquino government to reject and oppose both China’s incursions into our territory, and the US intentions to set up permanent basing of US military troop presence in the country. If Secretary Gazmin cannot do this, maybe he should face the mirror and answers his own question, Why don’t you protest China incursions? And, Why don’tyou protest US military presence in the country?