The Kabataan para sa Tribung Pilipino (KATRIBU) is a Manila-based organization of indigenous youth and student advocates of different schools, colleges, and universities dedicated to uphold the indigenous peoples’ rights.

It engages in activities that seek to deepen the awareness and understanding of the youths and the students on the plight of the indigenous peoples.


Deepen the students’ awareness and understanding of the issues faced by indigenous communities

Publicize indigenous peoples concerns and propagate their issue

Generate financial, technical and personnel support for indigenous peoples’ organizations

Draw committed youth and students in the service of indigenous peoples

Assist in existing effort of various agencies facilitating inter-tribal visits and consultations among the indigenous peoples


Hold activities for the youth/students that tackle indigenous people’s issues such as discussion group, symposia and fora

Organize cultural activities, photo exhibits and other forms of public information campaigns

Facilitate exposure-immersion programs in different indigenous communities

Conduct service missions such as relief, medical and other forms of volunteer works

Take part on indigenous peoples’ organization /program during summer

Organize leadership and skill trainings for members and volunteers.

If you’re looking for ……

Opportunities to directly witness and be service to the indigenous communities…

Opportunities to develop your knowledge on the environment and hone your skills in research, education, community development and the like…

Ways to help educate the greater public on the issues of the indigenous people …

Ways to help mobilize resources and other people in the work for the protection of the indigenous peoples rights to ancestral domain and resources…

Join the KATRIBU!

And make a difference with indigenous people!


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